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Build your own home in Sotogrande….

Finding and buying a ready-made villa with your exact requirements is possible. So sometimes compromises must be made. Occasionally though it is impossible. So what are your options?

The alternative of course is to build your own home. This option, many say, is stressful, time consuming, and possibly expensive by comparison to buying off a developer if attention to detail and meticulous control is not kept on the overall project. And importantly, you can avoid paying the developers margin?

Firstly, all plots in Sotogrande have full outline planning permission for a family villa. Services such as water, electricity, telephone and mains drainage are in situ at the boundary of the plot. 

For all these reasons, with regard to the Sotogrande market, it is always best to be surrounded by experts and influential people from the local business community.

They describe the different scenarios to consider for these two options and the price variations between new and second-hand homes.

There are times in a real estate price cycle when it is better to buy a resale property, and on occasions, advantageous to buy new off a developer. Prices will much depend on the availability of property and of course demand.

Secondly, The San Roque town hall are relatively quick in approving licences, as long as the villa design follows some basic building guidelines such as distance from boundaries, heights, and villa size.

Thirdly, in Sotogrande you will find very competent architects who can design your bespoke home. Some are quite traditional, but many have adapted to market demand and offer avantgarde design options. Indeed, some have taken the traditional Andalusian design and incorporated modern materials and technology to produce some spectacular options. 

A fourth important criteria are Project Managers. Employing your project manager is key as he or she will supervise the project and ensure it all happens when it should, and ensure payments are managed and paid when due. In Sotogrande you will find competent project managers who are fully bilingual.

Sotogrande still offers a number of good building plots, and in most locations throughout the resort. They can be in the newer La Reserva de Sotogrande area, or in the much sought-after Kings and Queens, where the resort began and where old villas are being knocked down and replaced with contemporary designs boasting latest technology materials.

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