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Where can I find a good property surveyor in Sotogrande

A good property surveyor should always be contracted by a buyer to identify any potential issues or defects in a property they are about to purchase. The same applies to a vendor. Any potential issues or defects if identified in advance can either be remedied or at the very least permit a vendor to understand what may be brought up at negotiation time. The survey does not only identify potential issues or defects in the property; they also allow a buyer and a seller to resolve problems prior to exchange or completion and also gives comfort to securing mortgage approval.

From bitter experience, in Sotogrande, I have seen buyers walk away from a potential purchase simply because of the discovery of an issue that the vendor knew about and found it not important to remedy. Worst of all, it is often not even an expensive fix. It becomes emotional and when it does in most cases the sale fails. For this reason, I try to get vendors to identify potential problems a buyer’s surveyor will highlight later in the sales process. Getting ahead of any issues will help with eventual negotiations.

All real estate agencies in Sotogrande, Noll Sotogrande included, have knowledge of who can survey a home you may be interested in buying. We can recommend from experience. We can find you a surveyor who can do a structural survey, or simply a technician who could check the property’s installations.

Another potential source is the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) which is a professional association that represents property surveyors. With Sotogrande being close to Gibraltar you can find English-speaking surveyors and home inspectors that work in Spain. You can search for registered members on their websites. We also can recommend surveyors who have worked with previous happy clients.

In Sotogrande, it is common for architects and technical architects (aparejadores) to offer this service. You would also be well advised to ask your lawyer, the one representing you in the purchase to recommend a surveyor.

When choosing a property surveyor do make sure that you understand the scope of their services and their pricing structure before hiring them. By scope, I mean understanding exactly what is being inspected. Is it a full structural survey or maybe just the installations like central heating, air conditioning, underfloor heating, solar panels etc? Is the swimming pool included? Are the garden lights to be inspected? Lastly but importantly understand if the survey company stand behind its report. Will it give you a guarantee? It probably will not if the company does not have some sort of error and omissions insurance.

In conclusion, a professional surveyor should provide you with peace of mind and their findings will assist you to make an informed decision when buying a property in Sotogrande. We at Noll Sotogrande can help find a property surveyor in Sotogrande.

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