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one4one a growing gym in Sotogrande

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Wellness is the healthy balance between the mental, the physical and the emotional. It aims to bring out the best in each human being by working in the physical, mental and spiritual areas. Although this concept has been around for centuries, it was first described as WELLNESS in the late 1950´s by Halbert L. Dunn, an American statistician considered the father of the Wellness Movement. This blog is about the physical side of wellness, and why one4one is the gym of reference in Sotogrande.


  1. Introduction
  2. Reasons why I do exercise
  3. One4One GYM
  4. One4One lessons


In Sotogrande, there are several options if you wish to participate in physical activity. The easiest of all is simply walking around Paseo del Parque, which many residents and visitors do. But other activities such as cycling up the mountains, playing golf at one of our marvellous Golf Clubs or riding a Polo pony are a few amongst other options. Going to a gym is not only another option but also complementary to any sport you may want to practice.

Reasons why I exercise

Most of us are lazy and the idea of physical activity is not motivational. Thinking of going to the gym early in the morning, or when sitting in front of the TV in the evening is not inspirational.  As with anything we do there must be a motivational reason…and better still a compelling reason. In my case, it is all about a healthy lifestyle and my reasons are listed below.

  1. It is just healthy. I am sure all would agree there is a direct correlation between healthy, active, individuals and gym going.
  2. I feel better about myself, and the rest of my life just seems to work well.
  3. It’s help me to be less stress. For me, working out is my special place, it is my place to forget everything that is going on in my life and focus on myself.
  4. It keeps me entertained. Working out with like-minded people is fun.
  5. I want to live long and exercising daily and eating right is a big contributor to this goal.
  6. Looking fit and strong gives me confidence. It has always improved my social life.
  7. It’s a good hobby and I can challenge myself.
  8. I like to play golf. Physical strength and power go hand and hand and I can focus on elements to help me with my golf game.

One4One GYM

ONE4ONE is located in the Paseo Maritimo by the Sotogrande Marina and has been in existence for a number of years. It is now undoubtedly the best gym in Sotogrande and has recently almost doubled in size. In other words it adds up to 850m2 approximately when you add up the group class area, the cardio rooms and the weights areas.  The new Technogym equipment is good enough for the most demanding clients.

The gym has five different areas. One for free weight, another where the cardio is located, and another section of machines/plates and pulleys, plus a room for spinning and another for group classes. The gym has 8 private showers and cubicles, great for the comfort and privacy of each member.

One4One Lessons 

For those who don’t love working out with weights and machines, there are several options of group classes that can be enjoyed and where you can put yourself to the test. They offer:

Spinning: A group exercise class performed on a stationary bicycle to the rhythm of music, in which high-intensity cardiovascular work is carried out using the large muscle groups of the lower body.

Pilates: It’s a physical and mental training system created at the beginning of the 20th century by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who devised it based on his knowledge of different specialities such as gymnastics, traumatology and yoga; uniting dynamism and muscle strength with mental control, breathing and relaxation.

Omnia: Is a new versatile functional training concept set out on a machine with 8 different exercises used in turn by training members as a circuit.  An ideal group training activity.

Body Extreme: The best way to burn fat and consume calories in a short time. It’s a combination of cardiovascular exercises where strength and resistance predominate, focusing on the abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks.

Piloxing: This is a fusion cardio workout. It combines strength boxing, stretching of pilates and dance moves that keep your pulse high.

GAP: Is a group exercise class that consists of working on three specific areas of the body: glutes, abs and legs. It is created with the aim of focusing all our efforts on eliminating the fat that naturally accumulates in these areas.

Zumba: Is a fitness discipline created in the mid-1990s by Colombian Alberto “Beto” Pérez, focused on the one hand on maintaining a healthy body and on the other on developing, strength and flexibility through dance movements combined with a series of aerobic routines.

Trifusion: Is a high energy, full-body workout, circuit-based class. It uses a step, free weights and resistance bands and finishes with floor work for the glutes and abs.

Stretching: As the name indicates it’s about stretching muscles. Members love it as it always makes you feel great and helps with all kinds of injuries.

Noll Team went to visit the new facilities of One4One, if you want to see more about this visit, check this video


If maintaining a healthy lifestyle is anyone’s priority, physical activity is a must. Making time in your life for sport or just physical training and having time for yourself, is important.  Being able to disconnect and take the time to take care of yourself, is what wellness is all about.

In conclusion sport not only brings benefits to the body but also to the mind, and by practising any sport therefore we improve the immune system, strengthen the heart, improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, improve digestion, reduce stress, promote sleep, reduces anxiety and anguish, fights depression among many other benefits.

Do you like to go to the gym?

How do you feel when you go?






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