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Benefits and drawbacks of different property in Sotogrande

Take a look at any Spanish property website and you’ll see this blog in Spanish property insight talking about the benefits and drawbacks of different types of real estate you can buy in Spain. In this blog, I analyze the Sotogrande real estate offers in a similar way.


1. New builds

Over the past three or so years, Sotogrande and the neighboring San Roque Golf Club resort, have seen new build construction, which is being delivered currently or to be delivered soon. At the Sotogrande marina, Taylor Wimpey has built apartments. Kronos delivered townhouses close to La Reserva, as did Senda Chica. Village Verde the Sotogrande SA premium apartment blocks at La Reserva are well out of the ground and sales doing very well, with a second phase to be started soon. San Roque Golf has Emerald Greens apartments and Hoyo 17 townHouses.

Some drawbacks or benefits when buying new apartments in Sotogrande is that they tend to be more expensive than a resale purchase. Generally, the square meter price for a new build was over 20% higher than resale at the end of 2021. Also, prices go up more quickly as the development gathers momentum.

The benefits of buying off-plan or new build

  • The quality of construction and fixtures and fittings are the latest generation.
  • Apartments are more energy efficient as insulation, solar panels, and charging points for electric cars are built-in.

The drawback points for off-plan

  • You will have to wait for delivery to use your new home. Also, if the project is finished the remaining units are usually not the best.
  • construction delays can occur.
  • Ensure your money is protected. Take professional advice to avoid this!
Benefits and drawback of Sotogrande Property, view from outdoor terrace towards the living room
Benefits and drawbacks of Sotogrande Property. View from the outdoor terrace towards the living room in Village Verde


2. Resale Apartments and Penthouses

As anywhere quality of construction and finishes varies hugely. Sotogrande is no different. You will find apartment blocks built in the 1970s with cramped accommodation and antiquated plumbing and electrical systems as well as newer properties built with sustainable materials. In general, the cheaper the apartment, the more work needed to refurbish it. Most apartment blocks will share communal facilities and services, whose maintenance and upkeep owners pay for via community fees.  In Sotogrande, you will also find apartments built as recently as last 2021. They come in different styles, with different views, and at different prices.

The advantages of buying an apartment in Sotogrande

  • Apartments are generally the least expensive properties available.
  • They are relatively easy to maintain.
  • They are convenient. Lock up and go and good as holiday homes.
  • They are secure, as Sotogrande has 24-hour security, and some apartment blocks have their own additional security.
  • Most apartment blocks in Sotogrande have communal facilities such as a pool and gardens which you can enjoy without having to look after them personally.

The disadvantages of apartments

  • Apartments can be expensive to maintain because of high community fees.
  • A community may be poorly maintained or have conflictive neighbors.
  • Some blocks have poor sound insulation, meaning you’ll probably hear your neighbors next door, upstairs, and downstairs.

3. Townhouses in Sotogrande

Rows of terraced houses are commonplace in many parts of Sotogrande. Ribera del Emperador, Ribera del Río, Casas Triana, La Loma, Sotomar, and Cortijos de la Reserva are examples. They tend to be spacious and sometimes come with a small private garden and many have rooftop terraces.  Most townhouses form part of a larger complex and share communal facilities such as a pool and garden. Also, some developments are gated with security services.

The plus points of buying a townhouse

  • Townhouses give you plenty of space.
  • They are private. More than an apartment but less than a villa.
  • You can use communal facilities without having to look after them yourself.
  • Usually, this type of property is low maintenance as garden and pool maintenance is managed by the community.

The minus points of a townhouse

  • You will have neighbors on both sides, and they could be noisy or difficult.
  • Your property will have at least two levels. This can be a problem for those with mobility issues.

Most townhouses form part of a larger complex and share communal facilities such as a pool and garden. Some developments are gated with security services.”

Says Joanna Styles in her article in SP Insight.

4. Villas in Sotogrande

Anyone visiting Sotogrande recently will have noticed the skyline has several cranes dotted around the urbanization. These are to be found everywhere, from the traditional and popular Kings and Queens area to the latest area to be developed in La Reserva de Sotogrande.

 Villas are the most popular type of property in Sotogrande and are today built to meet the demands of summer holidaymakers but also year-round habitants. Being a low-density resort, Sotogrande has become more and more popular since the pandemic.

The age, size, and quality of villas vary hugely in Sotogrande. You can buy a small house built in the late 80s needing total refurbishment, or a ready-built modern ARK villa for millions.

Reasons to buy a villa in Sotogrande

  • You get maximum privacy.
  • You can often tailor the home to your specific needs. Cinema! Gym! Home office etc.
  • If the plot is big enough, and within regulations, you can extend your living space.

Reasons not to buy a villa in Sotogrande

  • You will need to maintain your garden and swimming pool.
  • Simply due to size and private plot and structure, running costs can be higher than an apartment or townhouse.

Watch this property tour of a very distinguished villa in Sotogrande:

In this video, Stephanie Noll introduces this fabulous private villa… 


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5. Building Plots in Sotogrande

You may want to start from zero and build your own home to your dream specifications and requirements. The good news is that plots of land are still available in Sotogrande. Some old villas on the best plots are being knocked down and new fit for purpose villas are being built.

Plots vary in size, which determines how big you can build a house. They also vary hugely in price, with premium land in resort areas costing over €800 per square metre. All plots in Sotogrande have pre-approved outline planning and have utility connections.

To Build

  • You have a blank space to build on.
  • Generally, the land is a good investment and appreciates over time.
  • You can build a home more cheaply than buying the same finished equivalent. Basically, you are not paying the developer’s margin.

 Not to build

  • Planning guidelines are known as “ordenanzas” limit how much you can build although they are quite generous.
  • Prime land in Sotogrande Costa or the Reserva with magnificent views is expensive.
  • The building takes time, 24 months would be a good average. You need to be patient while the design, approvals, and construction take place.


I first became a property owner in Sotogrande in late 1999. It was an apartment in the Port area of Sotogrande. I actually bought the property whilst living in Kenya, undertaking all the legal requirements at the Spanish consulate.  The flat served its purpose as a holiday home, and when I first came to live in Sotogrande full time it was my main residence. Later I acquired a villa and wished to sell the apartment. Lesson….. Leasehold properties are hard to sell in Spain. The concept is not as well known and common as in the UK for example.

What is your experience when buying property in Sotogrande? Have you experienced any other advantages or drawbacks that I have not mentioned here? Please I’d be happy to hear from you!

Charlie. Send me a WhatsApp +34 607 911 661 


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