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Residential life in this destination enjoys the fortune of Sotogrande being in a unique climate setting in the south of Europe, with more than 300 days of sun a year. However, any precaution or preventive measure, of any kind, will undoubtedly help our peace of mind and security at home.

The rainy season in Sotogrande is beginning it seems. Better late than never!!!. In other times, when there were periods with very violent and uncontrolled rain, some areas suffered relative flooding. Here are a few tips should things get out of hand and you are in a flood risk area.

If you are in a flood risk area the most important thing is to be prepared and to keep yourself safe. Top tips would be:

  1. Keep all gutters and ground drains clear of leaves and debris
  2. If you have any waterways like a pond, for example, keep them clear of silt and rubbish to allow them to flow freely with the rising water conditions.
  3. Have a supply of sandbags ready to use short notice
  4. Insert flood defense barriers – more expensive but quicker and easier to use than sandbags.
  5. Ensure you have plentiful supply of food and drinking water
  6. Drainage may back up – have stoppers to plug sink, showers, and baths
  7. If you are at risk regularly, consider having submersible pumps to hand or even getting sump pumps dug into the foundations to start working when the water hits a certain level

If you are in the unfortunate position that your Sotogrande house has already flooded, here are some tips to prevent the damage and be able to make an effective claim:

  1. Don’t delay in contacting your insurance company to let them know what has happened
  2. Take photos as evidence in case of a claim and mark water levels on the walls for reference
  3. Don’t throw away anything until you have been visited by a loss adjuster from your insurance otherwise you might not be able to claim for everything
  4. Even though the repairs might be urgent it is still important to shop around as floods draw in many bogus traders. You can ask your insurance company for advice on reputable tradesmen.
  5. Open the windows for ventilation (although make sure your property is still safe)
  6. Do not lift carpets as they might shrink
  7. Don’t touch items that have been in contact with the water, and if you do use rubber gloves and disinfectant. Flood water is likely to be contaminated and could sewage
  8. Wash taps and run them for a few minutes before use. Mains tap water should not be contaminated but check with your local water company
  9. Don’t turn any electrical items back on until they have been checked over by a qualified electrician.

Wishing no one has to deal with a flood!


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