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Whom can I get to look after my garden and pool in Sotogrande?

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Sotogrande is a beautiful coastal residential resort that began its life in 1962. When comparing the landscape then, to today, one can only imagine the millions of hours spent by landscapers and gardeners constantly improving the hundreds of private gardens and the many gorgeous avenues and streets. With its stunning climate, it’s no wonder many people choose to own a property here, mostly one with a big garden. If you are a property owner in Sotogrande, be it on the Costa side or the Sotogrande Alto sector, and even maybe in the newly developing La Reserva de Sotogrande, you might be wondering whom you can get to look after your garden and pool. In this blog, I will explore the options available to you.

Professional Gardeners

There are many professional gardening services in Sotogrande that you can contract to take care of your garden. These professionals have many years’ experience and knowledge, particularly with the growing seasons, pruning seasons, lawn maintenance, and generally in maintaining and enhancing gardens and street greenery. They can provide a range of services such as lawn care, pruning, planting, and irrigation. They can also help with landscape design and implementation if you want to make changes or redesign your garden. Some of them are the following:

Pool Maintenance Companies

Most villa owners in Sotogrande will have a pool which will need to kept and well-maintained to ensure it stays in top condition. Many gardeners do offer this service but there are also several pool maintenances companies in Sotogrande that can help you with this. These companies as well as most gardeners offer a range of services such as regular cleaning, chemical treatments, and repairs. They can also help with upgrades and renovations if you want to enhance your pool. Some of them are the following:

Property Management Companies

If you own a holiday home in Sotogrande and don’t live there year-round, you may want to consider hiring a property management company. These companies offer a range of services, including garden and pool maintenance, and will ensure your villa stays in best condition while you are away. These companies can also handle other aspects of property management, such as cleaning, regular maintenance and just airing on a regular basis. They provide peace of mind when you are not in residence. I would tough recommend WCS Bespoke.

Independent Individuals

If you prefer to hire an individual to take care of your garden and pool, there are such individuals available in Sotogrande. These people are experienced and usually retired but are fit and happy for the part time work. Spain being in the EU means there are most likely someone of your own nationality, who speaks your language and who can help with your garden and pool maintenance and can provide a range of services tailored to your needs.

To conclude, there are several options available for garden and pool maintenance in Sotogrande. Whether you prefer to hire a professional service or an independent contractor, there are many experienced and knowledgeable individuals and companies available to help you keep your garden and pool in top condition.

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