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Why an artist may will help you sell your house faster

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As a real estate agent, my ultimate goal is to help my clients sell their property quickly and for a fair price to both buyer and seller. In order to achieve this goal, it is important to present the property in the best possible light. One way to do this is by ensuring that the property looks its absolute best, both inside and out. This is where an artist’s work can be of immense help.

You can add value to a property by enhancing its aesthetics and creating a welcoming atmosphere. They can transform dull, lifeless walls into stunning works of art that can make a property stand out.

ADRIENNE GABRIEL is a contemporary abstract artist who has lived, worked, exhibited, and sold in Los Angeles, Sydney, South Africa, and Europe. And she is now living in Sotogrande, south of Spain

Why did you choose Sotogrande to live or to exhibit your art, to work with local designers?

When we came from LA in 2004 to live in Spain, we fell in love with Tarifa and the lifestyle it offers. However, it became apparent that our children would benefit from a more international education system such as that offered in Sotogrande.  Both our eldest children went through the IB system, and this is when we became part of the Sotogrande community and have watched it change, develop and grow over the past 10 years.

When we returned from our four-year contract in Sydney, I reconnected with old friends who shared how rapidly the private high-end housing and hotel markets are developing.  After being so active in art and design in both Los Angeles and Sydney, I am excited to get involved with other designers and creators and to share new ideas, past experiences, and my always-present passion to collaborate and co-create with homeowners, interior designers, galleries and other creatives in order to bring new spaces and places to life.

Since there is such a rapid rise in construction in a relatively small area, I believe one runs the risk of using the same suppliers, designers, artists, etc. that we hear about through our close community circles. This is great, but it can also mean that it becomes formulaic and each house has the same mark and feels as the next.  This is why I have always enjoyed co-creating with a wide variety of professionals whom all bring a new perspective.

What did you learn from living in Los Angeles as an artist that would be interesting to apply in Sotogrande?

I was extremely lucky to work with one of the top production designers in Hollywood and was exposed to creating everything from sets for movies and rock concerts to permanent installations for Las Vegas hotels, private homes, and much more. Working with brilliant architects, lighting designers, interior designers, and artists of every description, was an honor and a constant source of inspiration to keep thinking out of the box and come up with new ways to create something unique within the constraints of the brief and budget.

The great thing about working in LA is that people are never afraid of trying something new, so innovation is welcome and almost expected. With so many creatives all working together towards the same end goal, I learned how important it is to be open and curious about every idea that is shared and that the wider you cast your net for talent, the better the final outcome will be. My time in LA reinforced my belief that all the different aspects of art and design are powerful and transformational in creating the setting for the ‘story’ and the energy of a place. We all love to be in a place with a good vibe and that is my approach when creating artwork and spaces for every client.

What is your differential value as an artist in Sotogrande?

Some artists create what they think others will like, some create what they feel, some create what they have learned and others like me, create whatever I am inspired to create every day. I don’t create to please others, yet I love to create something that enhances a space so that my clients feel my artwork makes them feel uplifted, calm, inspired, or however they want to feel. I never create the same thing twice so each piece is unique and will never appear elsewhere.

I am innately curious, and always bringing new ideas and ways of sharing what I see and sense with others.  I love to get to know my clients and understand their lifestyle, ‘story’, and space before I begin any commissioned piece.  Most of my works that I simply create without any client or space in mind can be purchased directly and most have gone to interior designers and private collectors in LA, Sydney, and all over Europe.

What is your approach when working with Interior Designers?

I have worked with many interior designers globally and I respect the fact that they usually have their own styles, a pre-determined budget and colour pallet for each space.  I usually like to visit the space where they would like paintings so I can feel the light and texture of a room if I am commissioned to create a specific piece.

Designers and developers often come to us with specific projects; a hotel, residential or other commercial projects. If the designer wants an existing one of my works, it is simple, but often I am commissioned to create a similar style in a given colour pallet and style and size.  I work with other artist who have very different styles and if my works are not appropriate for the space, I put forward another artist’s work for consideration.

By recommending an artist, I am not only helping my clients to increase the value of their property but also providing them with a competitive advantage in the real estate market. With beautifully paintings, potential buyers are more likely to be impressed and feel a connection with the property. This can lead to faster sales and higher offers, ultimately benefiting both the seller and myself as the real estate agent.




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