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The buying process of a property in Sotogrande

I have been in real estate sales for many years. No transaction was the same. However, the starting point is the same: the desire to own a dream home in the beautiful urbanization of Sotogrande. Here you will find seven tips that Stephanie and I consider essential to ensure that your property purchase runs smoothly.

TIP Nº 1 – Location!!

Your first consideration should be location. WHERE do you want to buy? Of importance to consider:

  • Travel accessibility (airports, railway stations, beaches, mountains)
  • Availability of facilities (nightlife, shopping, schools, etc)
  • Social environment (golf clubs, riding schools, tennis/padel, etc)
  • Views, frontline golf, close to the beach etc

TIP Nº 2 – The property brief

The better the brief the better our service:

  • Details such as bedrooms and bathrooms are obvious but small details such as orientation (north or south) views, privacy, design, etc. are also critical in delivering to your needs.

TIP Nº 3 – Know your budget

Know what you can spend before you start looking

  • Purchase Cost includes:

☞ Agreed purchase price …Plus:

☞ Taxes

☞ 10% VAT (plus 1,2% stamp duty) if new build

☞ 7% transmission tax if a resale

☞ Other costs: (lawyer + survey + notary + registration)

☞ Down payments are usually 10% of purchase price for which you need to be liquid.

  • Running costs: monthly expenditures (maintenance, insurance, property taxes, community charges, monthly mortgage payment, utilities, etc).
  • Financing: Have an agreement in principle for a mortgage if going for one.

TIP Nº 4 – Choose a lawyer2

To undertake due diligence.

  • Details of current ownership
  • Possible charges on the property such as a mortgage
  • Any rights of occupation, eg tenants
  • Rights of way over the property
  • Any further planning issues
  • Correct registration
  • Ensure tax payments are current
  • First occupation licence in place
  • All utilities are paid up, and more
  • Also prepare the purchase deed and mortgage deed if applicable
  • A lawyer can also asset you with obtaining a NIE number and opening a bank account both necessary to buy a property in Spain as a foreign national.

TIP Nº 5 – Survey your chosen property

Don’t get expensive surprises after you have bought your new home…get a buyers survey report…

  • Qualified survey made by structural engineer
  • Or architects can provide you with an independent house buyer’s survey report.
  • We strongly advise that you pay for this service.

TIP Nº 6 – Understand the purchase process

  • Make the Offer
  • Review Contracts:
    • ☞ Deposit contract or
    • ☞ Contract of purchase and sale or
    • ☞ Option contract, etc
  • Completion: the transaction is fixed within a particular time scale, so ensure:
    • ☞ Funds are available .. mortgage agreed ….
    • ☞ when the balance of the purchase price is paid, and the Title Deeds of the Property is executed and signed at Public Notary office.

TIP Nº 7 – Have Spanish Will

For those who purchase property in Spain it is strongly advisable to execute a Spanish Will confined to their Spanish Assets. This will avoid blockage to their heirs upon their death.  Your lawyer can advise on this very important point.

Below you can see a youtube video on our channel explaining these 7 tips!


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