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Gibraltar’s new tunnel opening on 31st march 2023

Finally, after 14 years the tunnel access from the frontier between Spain and Gibraltar to the town, avoiding crossing the runway, will open. It has taken this long due to five years of litigation but nevertheless nine years of work. The original contract was signed in November 2008. See here the Gibraltar government statement.

We are publishing this information as we are aware many of our clients here in Sotogrande visit Gibraltar regularly and who should note that only pedestrians, cyclists, scooter/e-scooter riders, and mobility scooter users will be allowed to cross the runway after 31st March 2023. All vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, vans, and lorries must use the tunnel via Devil’s Tower Road and the East Gate roundabout.

All details of how traffic will flow are to be found in this Gibraltar government notice. Click here for this information.

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