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 What is a snagging list, and why is it important to have one set out?

When it comes to purchasing a property, it is important to ensure that it is in good condition. Unless you have agreed to buy the property “as is”, this is where a snagging list comes in. It is a list that highlights any problems or issues that need to be rectified before the property is sold, and before you agree on a purchase price. It is an essential tool that helps to ensure that the property is in good condition, but more importantly that the transaction goes smoothly and does not fail. If you are buying the property off plan, then this list becomes critical as once you agree to pay final installments there may be little chance of getting a developer to rectify issues. You may of course be covered by insurance.

Common snagging issues include problems with electricity, plumbing, superficial decoration issues, landscaping, and more concerning structural problems. These issues should be checked when buying a new property from a developer, as well as a property survey in the case of a resale property. So here are some of the things you should check.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems are one of the most common snagging issues. They can range from minor faulty switches and sockets to serious outdated wiring systems. Electrical issues can also be dangerous. They can be a cause of fire, so it is important to ensure that they are put right before the property is bought. Here you will find a power company near Sotogrande.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing issues are another common snagging issue. They can range from leaky taps to broken pipes. Water leakages invariably lead to humidity problems and in turn to dampness on walls and by capillary movement can even rise. These issues can be costly to repair and can cause serious damage to a property if not sorted promptly. Fontaneria Gavilán is a company dedicated to this and it is located in Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro.

Structural Issues

Structural issues are perhaps the most serious snagging issues of all. They can include small cracks in the walls but be a s serious as foundation and subsidence problems. Roof damage can lead to obvious problems. These issues can be very costly to repair and can affect the value of the property significantly.

Cosmetic minor Issues

Cosmetic issues may seem minor, but they can affect the overall look and feel of the property. These issues can include peeling paint, cracked tiles, and broken windowpanes. As they say, “a clean car sells better than a dirty car”, so if you are selling it is worth while looking into making sure cosmetically the property is looking its best. While cosmetic issues may not affect the functionality of the property, they can still have an impact on its value as applicants will focus on these minor issues and be distracted from on the real issues.

Landscaping Issues

Overgrown trees and shrubs, unkempt lawns, and poorly maintained gardens are landscaping issues which may seem insignificant, but they can affect the appeal of the property. While landscaping issues may not affect the functionality of the property, they can still have an impact on its value. Here you will find a blog that I wrote about the best gardeners in Sotogrande.

To conclude therefore, a snagging list is an essential tool when buying or selling a property. It helps to ensure that any defects or issues are rectified before the property is bought or sold and helps to ensure a smooth transaction. While there are many snagging issues that can arise, it is important to address them promptly to ensure the safety and value of the property.


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